Pininfarina BlueCar: Bringing Sexy Back (to the hatchback)


In America, hatchbacks are status symbols. People see you in one, they know right away that you're cheap and that you got no style.
Hatchbacks have never done much for me. I've rode with a couple of her forebears, the fastbacks, and they can be real sexy. But once they go full hatchback, the sexy bolts. It's like they stop caring about their appearance, start slouching around and looking like a hunchback.
Car companies keep pushing them, badgering us about why we're not attracted to them anymore.
It's simple, so listen up Quasimodo; Esmerelda thinks you're gross. 
Enter the Pininfarina BlueCar. She debuted last October at the Paris Auto Show under the inauspicious and highly problematic name B0 (B-zero, but c'mon). Back then I stole a quick look and said no thanks. When I learned this week that Pininfarina was accepting applications to rent the vehicle, I thought I'd steal another look, maybe point and call her frumpy.
Now that is a hot hatchback, relatively speaking.  Nothing cheap or ungainly or frumpy about her. In fact, she kinda looks a little like a mini-van as well, reminding me of that curiously unreliable equation in human biology, i.e. that two uglies make a fugly. 
Not so, sometimes they breed uncommon beauty.
Some specs for the BlueCar:
Propulsion: 50 kW electric motor
Zero-to-60 km/h: 6.3 seconds
Top speed: 80 mph (130 km/h)
Fuel(s): All-electric. Supercapacitors retain the juice from regenerative braking. Rooftop PV cells contibute as well.
Battery system: Lithium Metal Polymer
Vehicle range: 155 miles (250 km)
Tiime to full recharge: 6 hours 


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