Photovoltaic Lawn Mower a $3,000 Steal

Hate to mow the lawn? Willing to spend $3,000 so you'll never have to do it again?

Say hello to the 19 lb Husqvarna Automower. You staple a basic wire to the perimeter of your lawn, the Automower senses the wire and never crosses it. The Automower also fertilizes your lawn because it cuts the grass so often that the cuttings are fine enough that they decompose (which also saves you the trouble of collecting the cuttings).

The best feature: A dorsel-mounted photovoltaic array, which doubles its runtime.


Other Benefits:
- It generates 63 dB (A) of noise, a little more than half the noise of conventional mowers, so it won't piss off your neighbors.
- It's emissions-free
- It won't run down your dog. And if it does, collision sensors force a light bounce-back and it changes direction.
- It can handle inclines up to 35%.
- It's theft-proof, requiring a 4-digit code to operate and featuring an alarm.
- It has its own automatic charging station that keeps it juiced at all times.


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