Parajet Now Taking Deposits on Flying SkyCar

According to autobloggreen, the British company Parajet Automotive, makers of the SkyCar (which I featured here on FutureCars not too long ago) has started taking fully refundable deposits on their magnificent SkyCar, with scheduled delivery sometime in late 2010.


To secure a SkyCar of your own all you need is a mere £10,000 ($16,339), which amounts to 20% down on the total estimated vehicle price of £50,000 ($81,700). To the company's credit, the estimated £50,000 price tag is the same they suggested back in January 2009.


Recall that Parajet successfully took the SkyCar prototype from England all the way down to Mali's Timbuktu in Western Africa back at the beginning of 2009. Also, note in these pics the significantly more stylish design than their dune-buggy-bound prototype.


Pictures courtesy of Parajet Automotive.

SkyCar logo.jpg

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