Mowing Your Lawn Could Be Bad For the Ozone

Lawn clippings may be a good source for biofuel, but what are you using to cut that lawn of yours? “In a typical year’s use, the average gas-powered lawn mower spews as much pollution as a new car driven more than 22,000 miles”—this is the news I was hit with as I sat down one morning with my coffee and a Westways magazine from the Auto Club. Those are some heavy statistics. It’s hard to believe that orangey-brown haze hanging in the foothills could have something to do with Pops in his tube socks on Saturday, mowing the lawn with something he bought in the 80s at a garage sale. But that’s just it—lawn mowers, as old and basic as they are, will last forever and are easy to fix, so they aren’t often replaced.

The Air Quality Management District recently invited people in L.A., Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties to bring in their old lawnmowers and exchange them for a big discount on a battery-electric mower. The event sold out completely, with 4,000 lawn mower units exchanged. No surprise there, since the agency offered the Neuton CE 5.3 for $100 ($399 retail), the Neuton CE 6.3 for $160 ($499 retail) and the Black & Decker CMM1200 for $160 ($449 retail). To paticipate, you had to preregister on AQMD’s website, and this year they sold out within 48 hours after opening the phone lines. I suggest you register today for 2010.

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