Mayor Newsom and the Green-Collar Sector

As a long-time former resident of one of San Francisco’s nastiest neighborhoods, the Tenderloin, I read with some skepticism a recent news item from the local CBS affiliate over there concerning mayor Gavin Newsom hyping the City as the "Green Vehicle Showcase." Personally I like Newsom and I voted for him while I lived there, in part because he was trying to do away with a program that in essence paid people to be homeless. It didn’t fly—thrown out of court if I remember—but the dude tried, and overcoming bleeding-heart hand-out homeless advocacy in the City is next to impossible.

So Newsom used a term I hadn’t heard before: “the green-collar sector.” If it’s not new, it’s like a jailed Charlie Manson in the Family Guy episode in front of a TV repeating like only Manson might, “if I ain’t seen it, it’s new to me.”

At any rate, as part of Newsom’s bid to make the City the “epicenter in the world for electric vehicle technology” (doesn’t the Bay Area already kind of enjoy that distinction?), he’s hyping a trio of electric vehicle charging stations, installed by Campbell-based Coulomb Technologies, to encourage a program of putting more plug-ins on the City’s streets, which includes Zipcar and City CarShare, two car-sharing organizations. The city of San Jose beat them to the punch back in early January, but who’s counting.

We know San Francisco will be hosting the Chevy Volt’s debutante ball at some point, and apparently Nissan will launch an EV there as well.

Good for San Francisco, and Green-Collar sector, say hello to the blue collar sector—those that can’t afford to go green—and the white collar sector—the ones who will, no matter what happens, somehow come away from all this with a whole lot more green.

The news item is here if you want to check it out.

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