Looks Like Fade-to-Blackout for Vectrix Electrics

I read in this week's EV World Update—Bill Moore's dynamite weekly newsletter covering the electric and alternative vehicle market—that it's pretty much lights out and Chapter 7 for E-scooter maker Vectrix Electrics. One hard-to-misinterpret sign, the company's homepage has gone dark. Frankly, I'm not surprised; the design was great but the specs didn't match the price, and it came along at a very bad time in history.


I blogged about the Vectrix VX-1 a couple times, mentioning it most recently in an e-bike survey and also in April following a Forbes piece about the company's precarious financial situation.

Moore eulogized it best, writing "I really hate reporting stories like this; and there seem to be a lot of them through the course of EV history, but a good idea never dies -- and in this case, helps prepare the trail for those who follow behind."


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