Jaguar Going Green Too

Jaguar Land Rover, owned by India’s Tata Motors following a $2.4 billion purchase, may be getting a £1 billion government loan from the current UK government, which they’re expected to use in part to build a green luxury vehicle dubbed “Limo Green”, a series hybrid which the company is claiming can get 57 mpg.

Powered by a 170 bhp electric motor, with Lotus engineering and aluminium construction from Caparo, Limo Green’s max speed is said to be around 112mph and will likely be based on the Jaguar XJ.

A prototype is expected later this year, but don’t expect a production model for another few years … and after around £500 million.

I guess everyone’s going green now. But why? So they can keep up with the competition? That miught be another way of saying they can launch impractical green cars that are good for PR but bad for business.

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