Introducing The Chinese-made Chery S18?

According to a piece published at Bloomberg on 20 February, China’s largest “own-brand” automaker has unveiled a car with a battery range of 150 km, or 93 miles—double that of the Chevy Volt.

Wait … Chery who?

According to the piece, the so-called S18 can be fully charged in four hours, or up to 80% at a special station in just 30 minutes.

Sorry, but where has the Chery S18 been for the past year? We’ve heard tons and tons from BYD and a little less from FAW, but Chery?

Curiously, none of the links in the Bloomberg piece went anywhere, but the home page does indeed work ( but what little English is available on the site is so small I can’t read it, and the rest is in what I’ll guess is Mandarin.

At the very least, here’s a press release with a semi-photo of the S18, but thanks to the giant red bow on the hood, you can’t see much of it.

More to come on this curiosity as it comes to light.

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