Inizio EVS C7 Will Debut at NY Auto Show

The New York International Auto Show is consistently one of the year's most exciting auto shows, and 2009 looks like more of the same.

Back in November 2008, EV Innovations announced they’d be offering their latest 100% plug-in electric vehicle through Sam’s Club (a division of, ah-hem, Wal-Mart), the Inizio EVS C7. Few have actually seen this vehicle, which is scheduled to be shown off to the public and the media at the 2009 New York International Auto Show in early April, and then, displayed to the public shortly thereafter.

This car has a curious power train and some eye-popping specs:

  • Top speed: + 150 mph
  • Zero-to-60: under 5 seconds
  • Range: 200 miles on a full charge
  • Price: $100,000

The American car maker has an impressive range of other EV’s, including the sporty LiV Rush and the LiV Dash a coupe, to name a few. They’ve been around since 2000, and make an interesting statement, that “We will never fight a war over electricity.”

Never say never.

At any rate, they’ve got my attention, and I’ll be sure to feature the Inizio EVS C7 in April for, along with a host of other exciting cars debuting in New York this year.

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