In It To Win It?

“My milkman used to drive around in electric cars a long time ago...What's new?”

We end this week in news with a quote from Royal Dutch Shell’s CEO Jereoen van der Veer. During a Shell-sponsored eco shin-dig in Germany yesterday, the CEO sounded off in regards to the future of electric, solar, and wind power projects. His claim is that the infrastructure involved and the investments required are not profitable.

His honesty is almost refreshing: "I want Shell to be really big in one renewable, and that will be biofuel," Van der Veer said. For the future business of an oil company, it makes sense that they would back a combustible liquid fuel product they could profit from. There’s no attention here of what may be proven more efficient or more environmentally friendly—straight and to the point.

On the same day as van der Veer’s comment, the University of California Merced announced the results of their study on biomass as a power source. Scientists compared biomass converted to ethanol for internal combustion engines and biomass converted to electricity used to power electric-battery vehicles. They concluded, “biomass converted into electricity produced 81 percent more transportation miles and 108 percent more emissions offsets compared to ethanol.”

It’s always the case in technology: science proves it, and businesses analyses the data for dollar signs.

Visit UC Merced's site here for more on the study.

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