Hyundai's Elantra LPI Hybrid hits the South Korean Market

Claiming it will have the "fastest payback period of any hybrid vehicle on the market today", Hyundai has launched the company's first hybrid, the Elantra LPI, into the South Korean market. As part of its ongoing effort to take over the world, the vehicle is right schedule.

The Elantra LPI is a rare Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) hybrid. Using LPG (read: propane) in a hybrid was a wise move by the company—the fuel is popular in South Korea and is much cheaper than gas. Furthermore, it burns substantially cleaner than conventional gasoline.


Features of the Elantra LPI Hybrid

Engine: 84 kW, 1.6 LPI Gamma engine
Motor: 15 kW electric motor
Power maximum: 99 kW through a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).
0-to-100km/h: 11.7 seconds
Fuel economy rating: 5.6 litres / 100 km
CO2 emissions: 99 grams / km


SuperVision gauge cluster
Features an “Eco Guide” tree icon meant to coach the driver into developing more economical driving habits.
The Continuously Variable Transmission has a driver selectable ‘E (Eco-Drive)’ gear to maximize fuel efficiency by "reducing sharp fluctuations in the torque, increasing the use of electric motor assist and electric charge regeneration when the brakes are applied."

HDe-I model (entry level): 20.5 million won ($16,000)
HDE-III model: 23.2 million won ($18,000)

Powertrain warranty: Five year / 100,000 km
Key electronic and electrical components warranty: Six year / 120,000 km

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