Hummer Sales Plummet in America but Rising in Surprising Locale

On March 31 2009 the New York Times ran a piece about a Hummer dealer in Missouri who's on the verge of losing his ass because he can't afford to keep up a $7.5 million showroom he built a couple years ago to sell a car as ridiculous as the Hummer.

Recent chatter by General Motors that the company wants to unload the brand has this dealer—and hundreds all over the world, apparently—losing sleep over their future.

Personally I could give a damn, the sooner the Hummer dies, the better we'll be. Any vehicle that can't even score double digits in gas mileage surely has no ostensible place in a future of dwindling gas reserves.

Investing heavily in Hummers in 2005, that had to seem like a bad idea to most so it's hard to drum up much pity.

But just the day before that piece ran, the Times ran an even more shocking piece that claimed that there is one place in the world right now where Hummers are in great demand, where they're seen as status symbols, "icons of power", and selling better than they are in St. Louis. And you'll never guess where.


Anyway, why don't these two hook up?

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