Greener And Cheaper Car Production

Honda has implemented some great ideas to save lots of energy in its production processes. While all automakers have been working on reducing energy wasted in production, Honda has received the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) energy star Award for 3 of its plants. Maybe I should try giving my kids an award for turning off lights at home and saving energy

All three award winning plants have implemented new control systems in the paint shops, reducing energy use by 25% while maintaining the same painting quality. Honda has also programmed its machines to use less energy during downtime. It has focused its improvements on more efficient use of lighting, motors, heating, compressed air, chiller systems, and air conditioning. Just by monitoring equipment used between shifts, during breaks and on weekends, Honda has reduced over 10 million kilowatt hours of energy use responsible for producing over 15 million pounds of CO2. And that was only in the painting department of one factory. The fact that Honda and other companies are taking the time and effort to make their production processes more efficient is great It shows a change of priorities towards economy and greeneosity.

Also, Honda's strategy of manufacturing products close to its customers reduces energy, emissions and waste caused by the transportation of products and parts. About 77 percent of the Honda vehicles sold in the U.S. are manufactured in North America. It's a pleasure to see common sense in action!

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