GM's Post-Chapter 11 Announcement Ad Lacks Substance

Oops, there goes another major automaker. I'd like to grieve but GM's recent past just makes it so difficult. So does the arrival on the scene of so many excellent start-up automakers not saddled by arrogance or legacies or other financial or creative burdens. So does GM's most recent ad, made in the wake of their announced plans to file chapter 11, which I caught over at the Huffington Post.

No surprise, it's pure fluff—flashing nonsense athletic imagery and patriotic flag-waving with a theme about slimming down and concentrating the company on fewer brands, which, somehow, suggests it will make the company stronger. In reality, better quality vehicles—ones people want, not ones we're offered—combined with a less restrictive corporate culture and more refined, engineering-based leadership—will make the company stronger. Check out the ad and judge for yourself.


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