Geneva Addendum: Italdesign's Supercar

In my last post I forgot to mention one other highly anticipated concept car at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, maybe because it doesn’t have a real name yet: It’s Italdesign’s answer to their own Quaranta Concept, which debuted in Geneva last year and knocked people sideways with some solid specs.

Apparently, Italdesign has outdone themselves. This new concept car, like I said unnamed so far, can allegedly hit 186 mph. But that’s not the impressive part. Rather, this vehicle gets something in the range of 124 mpg and emits half the carbon dioxide per mile that the Prius does.

Motor Trend is guessing it’ll be a plug-in hybrid, and they make some speculations on how this vehicle might achieve these specs.

Speculation aside, on March 2 at 10:35 AM Geneva time, you can see the live unveiling yourself at their website,

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