Geely Automotive Rocks Auto Shanghai 2009

Hands down, one of the stars of Auto Shanghai 2009 was China's Geely Automotive. The Hangzhou-based former refrigerator maker roared into Shanghai with over 20 vehicles, three of which are below (all pictures made widely available by Chinese media).

Geely GT Tiger

The 2+2 Geely GT Tiger first appeared at the 2008 Beijing auto show. At Shanghai 2009 it came packing heat (a 300 hp, 3.5 V6 engine) and looking a bit more like the sleek sports coupe it's meant to be.

Geely Tiger

The coolest aspect of the Geely GT is those dynamite scissor doors, which eschew keys in favor of opening by way of intelligent identification.

Scheduled to hit the Chinese market in 2010, the Geely GT was designed by none other than famed auto design firm Giugiaro.

Geely Electric Panda II

Geely brought the oh-so-appropriately named Panda to Beijing in 2008 but the Panda II is a significant upgrade. Using a lithium-ion battery system, the Panda II has a top speed of 93 mph (150 km/h) and an EV range of 112 miles (180 km).


Geely IG ("Intelligent Geely")

A 1+3 supermini with interchangeable powertrains and a single gull-wing door, the Geely IG is the best of the lot; an attractive, distinct, and inexpensive commuter scheduled to hit the Chinese market in 2010.

 Geely IG

The plan is to sell the chassis and body for 10,000 Yuan (about $1,500), with the consumer choosing among conventional ICE, hybrid, or dedicated electric powertrains.

Solar panels on the hood provide the Geely IG with an additional power source, and touch-screen technology provides vehicle information to the driver.

geely deco.jpg

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