"Gallon per mile" is an alternative statistic to mpg.

We are so used to thinking about miles per gallon (mpg) that we tend to miss out on the big picture. MPG focuses on the small detail of how many miles I can drive for one gallon of gas.

In order to get the big picture of how much money is spent, it would be better to look at gallons per mile (gpm)This is especially so when planning to have more than one car in the family. What combination of autos is the most fuel efficient for a family?

One can calculate the family gpm by add the gpms of all cars together for the same mileage and dividing by the number of cars. This will give you an family (i.e. average) gpm.

When buying cars one can compare average gpm to see which grouping of cars is the most fuel efficient grouping for your family. For more information see the website "MPG Illusion"

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