FutureCars Threeway: e-Zones, Clown Cars & PT Cruzers

Importing Ugly

Why is it cheaper for South Korea to manufacture a vehicle in the United States? I don't know, maybe it's in the shipping costs. Either way it better be substantial or I might think South Korea's playing a joke on the US.

SK eZone

South Korea's CT&T has put into development the e-Zone, an NEV of staggering ugliness that the company intends to serve as the flagship of the brand. Perhaps due to some lingering animosity over the handling of the Korean War, the South Korean firm is aiming to manufacture this eyesore-bedsore in a Southern US state.

Shoe Collection at a Clown Convention

I don't believe a more ridiculous car picture has ever been taken.

Myers NmG

Lost in Actual Translation

On 31 July, Chrysler announced that they would continue to produce the Chrysler PT Cruiser, and that the Chrysler Group Toluca (Mexico) Assembly Plant would continue to serve as the "exclusive home" of the vehicle.


Then, under the header Chrysler Mexico Operations, comes this: "Chrysler initiated operations in Mexico in 1938, it actually has 5,000 employees."

No kidding! 5,000 you say?

Chrysler logo.jpg

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