Finally it's cool to look cool in a car that's cool

For years, it seemed that the makers of cars that were more in tune with our environment had overlooked one of our most predictable and obvious characteristics - vanity. After figuring out how much they can spend on a car, most people will more often than not be seduced by a combination of what’s under the hood but more importantly, how good they will look in that car. The others can be broken into three categories: Firstly, there are those who buy cars like the Prius because of its fuel efficiency and how they might save money on fuel (after many years of ownership and reliable battery conditioning). Then, we see the blessed group of genuinely philanthropic and caring souls who purchase their vehicle due to its kindness to the environment. Lastly, we have our beloved celebrities (and / or scientologists) so that category shall obviously remain null and void. These people are oblivious to how the car looks but read somewhere or were informed by their publicists that it is cool to own a Prius, and couldn’t hurt their careers by owning one (thankfully, the environment has had the last laugh in this case, along with those of us who live in the real world). When it came to the exterior design of these cars, perhaps automakers were led by some grave misconception such as that of future humans losing their eyesight or ability to tell what looks good and what looks like a rejected vacuum cleaner concept from a 1966 Star Trek set. Don’t worry – I won’t fall into a Dennis Miller rant on this one. And now for some good news: Gone is the idea that to make something efficient, it has to be ugly. Gone is the idea that in order to invoke change, you have to break the mould. With current and future car models now offering something for everyone’s pallet such as the BMW Hydrogen 7, BYD F6DM, Fisker Karma, and even the concept Pininfarina Sintesi, car-makers have finally seen the light and that light looks to be extremely bright but more importantly pretty. People can once again be proud of how good their car looks as well as how good they feel inside (themselves and the car!).

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