Fiat’s Start&Stop 500 Nabs Fiat Another Green Award

Fiat gets another trophy for environmental prowess, this time in recognition of the Start&Stop version of the 1.2 Lounge. The Bosch technology combined with Fiat’s power train turns off the engine automatically when the car comes to a dead stop, and restarts again when the driver puts the car in gear again and goes, thus saving even more gas and reducing emissions. What Car? Magazine’s Green Awards gave the car top honors, and Fiat’s lineup is certainly a well-known figure in the green scene. But since it’s not yet ours to toy with, let’s speak openly about figures and observations from afar.

This kind of auto-power adjustment isn’t new. I was once stopped on a single-lane city street because an old lady at the stoplight in a Prius couldn’t figure out why her car just stopped running. Of course, it didn’t—it quieted down at idle, in which case she panicked and started punching the start/stop engine button and lifting on and off the brake. This, along with taking off your seatbelt or opening the door, stops the engine completely on the Start&Stop system. I had to pull over, put the old lady in the passenger seat, restart the car and drive her off to a safe parking lot, where I gave her a quick lesson on how to drive the car and get it back to the dealership.

Now that’s just one old lady, but frankly, do you have to be an old lady to drive in an eco-minded manner? The Fiat 500 media site lists the 1.2 Start&Stop three-door with 69 bhp at 5500 rpm, and 75 lb-ft at 3000 rpm. With the delivery of a 5-speed Dualogic transmission, the car will reach 62 mph after 12.6 seconds. At least the real joy of driving can be found in the stats below:

Fiat 500 1.2 Start& Stop vs. 1.2 Lounge

Urban mpg (Auto): 50.4 vs. 45.6

Highway mpg (Auto): 68.9 vs. 65.7

Combined mpg (Auto): 60.1 vs. 56.5

C02 (g/km) (Auto): 110 vs. 118

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