EV Innovations to go with Wave-S4 Version of Electric Muscle Car

EV Innovations recently unveiled its electric Wave project at the New York Auto Show, a vehicle previously described to us by EVII as a "sub-$35,000 battery powered muscle car."


EVII had been undecided about an important aspect of the Wave: whether she'd be a three-wheeler or a four-wheeler. They've got prototypes for both. The former has its advantages—namely, that production costs would be lower and that she could be registered as a motorcycle.

Yet while there are other 3-wheeled cars in the works—the Aptera and the ZAP Alias come to mind—at the moment, and for the time being, 3-wheelers lack an ostensibly eager market.

Fortunately, they've decided to pursue the bigger model. Choosing to make a greater investment in the vehicle—even though it means raising the estimated price point from $34,900 to $39,900—is a decision that should help build public confidence in the young automaker.

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