Elon Musk Strikes Back in Tediously Epic Blog Entry

The hostility between Martin Eberhard and Elon Musk has officially been elevated to a war of words. And then some.


Where others might say, "I don't comment on pending litigation" or "we'll let the courts decide it", Elon Musk has chosen to blog it out.

Sorry- at over 4,000 words, it qualifies for an Epic Blog. Either Musk forgot or didn't care that on the web few can read past 800 words.

Considering this is not, perse, a legal document, it's actually rather drab in comparison to Eberhard's lawsuit, although Musk has his moments. For example:

-- He titles the entry "In the beginning". The spot-on Biblical allusion serves him well, establishes his voice as that of Divine authority.

-- And there's the occasional rhetorical flash: "Eberhard plays to a common archetype – that of the noble inventor whose invention is usurped by the rich and powerful businessman. He has labored hard to create this impression and there is an intuitive appeal to it, as there is with any archetype, but in this case it is false."

-- But then there's this: "My interest in electric cars reaches back two decades to when I was doing my undergraduate degrees in physics and business as a student at UPenn/Wharton. Bizarrely ..."

That's now twice in under 12 hours I've heard someone use the word bizarrely. Two people who evidently couldn't hear just how awkward it sounds. It's not a very good word, let's drop it.

Musk includes various emails and other corroborating evidence at blog's end, just like the lawsuit. It's like he thinks his blog has the equivalent authoritative recognition ....

Anyway, props to CNet for the outrageously smug picture of Musk they included in their coverage. Hilarious.

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