Ecotricity's Wind Car is a Bona Fide Screamer

Dale Vince, founder of Ecotricity, the wind-based electric company, has been blogging recently about their latest project, a wind-powered sports car.

Recall, the first major project was the Greenbird, which I featured here at FutureCars shortly after it assumed the land-speed record for wind-powered vehicles.

Lately they've been putting together their so-called "second generation" wind powered car, an electric vehicle temporarily called the Nemesis that's charged from the wind and that can outgun a Ferrari. Holy hell the car's quick, and a howler and a screamer to boot:



By the way, check out the logo he's made for his blog, so totally Che Guevara it's ridiculous. Vince, who's got a young Mick Jagger-like self-confidence about him, is evidently trying to align himself with one particular aspect of the famous Argentine Marxist—specifically with Che the Sexy Revolutionary, the Guerrillero Heroico ... not Che the Wrongo-in-the-Congo, or Che the Butcher of La Cabaña. The image is fitting- Vince likely has the arrogance, the PR props and the technology in the next decade or so to emerge as a global force in renewable energy.


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