Daimler car2go Program: Ticket to Ride Means Taking the Bus

My hometown will soon be overrun by 200 Smart ForTwos. Daimler's car2go program is coming to Austin, Texas from the German city of Ulm because, according to a Daimler press release, "The capital of Texas with its 750,000 residents is appreciably bigger than Ulm and is distinguished by its open-mindedness and its very involved citizens."

It continues, "'Our city is known for its strong sense of environmental responsibility. car2go fits this wonderfully because we can then offer the residents of Austin an intelligent mobility concept with a high positive environmental factor,' said Austin mayor Will Wynn."

So that's who our mayor is.

While the San Francisco Bay Area's City Carshare is the nation's largest non-profit carshare program, Austin's isn't bad: The Austin carshare fleet already features a Scion xA, a Toyota Tacoma and a Toyota Prius. It's a good program, not that I've ever used it.

Smart ForTwo

By the way, the Smart ForTwo, which retails between $11,990 and $16,990, depending on model, got slammed by Consumer Reports in their 2009 annual auto issue.

No word yet on how much it will cost, but the program in Ulm costs about $.25 per minute, $12.75 per hour and $64 per day. What troubles me about Austin's program is getting to the car: The average monthly cost of membership includes $10 for a monthly bus pass.

A bus pass? You mean I gotta take the bus to reach the car? See my definition of 'Busface' for why this understandable-yet-no-less-grievous aspect brings me way down.

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