Coda Automotive Hits the Snooze Button

I can't remember the last new vehicle that made such a thud. This one hits the snooze button.

It's Coda Automotive and the Coda all-electric sedan. Been anesthetized. Must be what quaaludes were like in the 70s.


There is so little information about this vehicle it's ridiculous. The media kit came in at 70 mb, and yet all I really know that's of any practical value is that it will use a lithium-Ion (Iron Phosphate) battery pack; its range is estimated at around 100 miles. Seats 5. Gets about 80 mpg. And it's revolutionary.

Everywhere you go they tell you it's revolutionary, but they don't tell you how.

The only reason this may not be vaporware is by virtue of its colossal unspectacularness. That’s right. It's a 4-door sedan in the 4-door sedan tradition minus the ICE. 4-door sedans sell well, it almost doesn't matter how hideous they might look.


About company CEO Kevin Czinger, it says he's had "a life-long love of automobiles" and that he "learned about autos from the ground up and dreamed about building cool cars."

Then why didn't he build one?

It further says he has a "track record of performance in start-up and emerging growth companies like Webvan Group."

Is there more than one Webvan Group? Better be. The Webvan I'm thinking of went off a little something like this:

Coda 3.jpg

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