Carrot-Flavored Formula 3 Racer Headed Back to Proving Grounds

The team behind WorldFirst F3, the Formula 3 racing car made from sustainable and renewable materials, will be taking vehicle to Bruntingthorpe proving ground in Leicestershire on Wednesday, May 20th for a few hours of testing beginning at nine AM. If you live in the area and want to see a car with a steering wheel made out of carrots reach speeds of over 100 mph, check into it this Wednesday.


Recently we featured the WorldFirst F3 here at FutureCars

In some related news, I read over at Autocar UK about the Green GT, an electric Le Mans concept car introduced by Switzerland-based Green GT at Energissima, a Swiss conference focusing on renewable energy and related technology.

Green GT
(Image from Jim Holder's blog at Autocar UK.)

According to Autocar, the company hopes to have a pair of Green GTs ready by Le Mans 2011. That doesn't mean they'll be participating in any reasonable manner, just there and ready.


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