British Motor Show 2010 Bites The Dust!

The British Motor Show has been canceled for 2010. Poor attendance and a weak economy have been blamed for the demise of this bi-annual event. The truth is that attendance has been declining for the last ten years. In my opinion, part of this is due to internet. (yes, if you are reading this article, then you are also to blame. After all, you can see all of the models in the comfort of your own home.)

The decision was revealed after a meeting of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, the owners of the show for over 100 years. The British Motor Show was once a lively show for showcasing new cars and trucks in Britain, however recent shows have been very poor. The show once attracted over 900,000 visitors, but recent shows have drawn only half the visitors. The show was moved to London in 2006, and organizers experienced a further drop in attendance. While the loss of the 2010 show is upsetting for car-lovers, some people thing that the show may be ended completely because of its long and painful decline.

News of the cancellation follows bad results for auto shows world-wide. Several automakers didn't bother participate in the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, while rumors abound that the Tokyo Motor Show will also be canceled. In Australia, the Sydney show has also been axed. This is a shame for auto show lovers, and we hope that this is only temporary.

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