Bentley Begins Her Salad Days ... With a Silver Spoon?

Ninety year old Bentley Motors Limited, the emperor of automakers, will soon roll out their meanest machine yet, and of course she’s the color of money:


Let’s listen in on the car maker’s terse little press release:

"On March 3rd at the 2009 International Geneva Motor Show, Bentley will reveal its fastest, most powerful production car ever. Delivering supercar performance, this new model is very much the extreme Bentley. Importantly it will run on biofuel, delivering stage one of Bentley's environmental commitment and pioneering the use of this fuel in the luxury sector."

According to their biofuel site, the venerable carmaker wants to “introduce renewable fuels across the entire Bentley range by 2012. The renewable fuel solution will be based around the incorporation of “FlexFuel” powertrains – engines that can use either biofuel or gasoline…"

They’re giving up nothing on design beyond a shadowy, computer-generated grill shot.

Oh, but in one of the great examples of mixed messages, a few months earlier in Los Angeles, they wheeled out the high-performance, twin-turbo V8 powered, $350,000 limited-edition Azure T.

I've never understood that British sense of humor.

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