Automotive X-Prize Profile: Red Light Racing

Over the next few months and at a casual, intermittent pace, I’m going to use this blog to profile official contenders in the Progressive Automotive X-Prize. I’ll provide links so interested readers can explore them further, and I encourage you to post your opinions of each contender, their technologies, and how you think they’ll do in this extraordinary competition.

This entry looks at Red Light Racing out of Maryland.

Red Light Racing

Vehicle name: Insight 1G

Fuel(s): Diesel or Biodiesel

Class*: Alternative*

*The Alternative class is “An outlet for innovation, with fewer performance & design Restrictions.”

Key Technology

The Insight 1G is a Honda Insight hybrid, the powertrain of which the team is attempting to modify into a high performance, 110 MPGe vehicle using off-the-shelf components.

Insight 1G


By emphasizing efficiency and effective powertrain integration with those off-the-shelf components, and doing so without compromising vehicle performance, the team wants to showcase the viability and potential commercialization of converting an existing vehicle into a substantially more eco-friendly one.

What I love about this team is their outstretched arms: Any reader can browse through their Technical Difficulties section and offer suggestions. Who knows where the next amazing idea will come from? Red Light Racing isn't sure either, but when it comes, these guys are open-minded enough to be listening. The same can't be said for all teams.

Team Leader

Jack Staub. LCDR Staub graduated with distinction from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1998, the same year he graduated from the University of Maryland with a Professional Master of Engineering degree. Assigned to the VAQ-138 Yellow Jackets, Staub served aboard the USS Carl Vinson and his unit flew missions in direct support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Staub is also the team's lead engineer.

The members of this five person team have two things in common: they are all active members of the United States Navy or Marines, and they are all graduates of the Naval Test Pilot School. These guys conduct test flights of the EA-6B Prowler, EA-18G Growler, and F/A-18 Legacy and Super Hornet. Check out other members of Red Light Racing HERE.

Financial backing

Extreme Turbo Systems, Staub & Sons Custom Machine, TD Tuning.

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