Automotive X-Prize Profile: Gaia Transport

Over the next few months and at a casual, intermittent pace, I’m going to use this blog to profile official contenders in the Progressive Automotive X-Prize. I’ll provide links so interested readers can explore them further, and I encourage you to post your opinions of each contender, their technologies, and how you think they’ll do in this extraordinary competition.

This entry looks at Gaia Transport Corporation out of Georgia.

Team Gaia Transport

Vehicle name: MC2

Fuel(s): Electricity and gasoline

Class*: Alternative

*The Alternative class is “An outlet for innovation, with fewer performance & design Restrictions.”

Key Technology

The MC2 is a lightweight, 2-person vehicle with tandem seating. The design—straight inspired by the Jetsons, you would think—helps to reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency. It has a zero-to-60 acceleration of about 10 seconds and a top speed of 90 mph and a combined electric/gas range of about 400 miles.



Gaia Transport envisions bringing the MC2 to market as an extremely safe, practical commuter plug-in hybrid that achieves about 120 mpg on gasoline, and about 330 GGE (gasoline gallon equivalent) in electric mode, managing 10 miles per kilowatt hour. They imagine the MC2 as a first or second vehicle for consumers, capable of fulfilling commute needs on electric power alone.


Ken Fry

Financial backing

Gaia Transport is currently seeking sponsorship. If interested, check out their contact page.

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