Aptera Design Has Come a Long Way, Baby

Over at Motorauthority.com I caught the new interior sketch released by Aptera for the 2e …

Int sketch

Not a substantial difference from previously published pics or depictions …

Aptera Int

Delivery of the 2e is supposed to start this October. Although that's starting to seem ambitious, Aptera needs to keep this on schedule for a variety of reasons, the taxpayer stimulus benefit among them.

Aptera design change

A look at an early prototype for the Aptera and the vehicle today shows just how far this beauty has come over the years. The old prototype looks like it got its inspiration from Spy vs Spy.

I found this picture at 3wheelers.com, the most ridiculously comprehensive and kick-ass site on 3-wheeled vehicles you can possibly imagine. It's a bit out of date, but that's understandable. The site's entry on the Aptera is still listed under the company's former name, Accelerated Composites and it lists proposed specs for the vehicle, which at the time was a diesel/electric hybrid.

Although it's been a while since I've seen the specs for the hybrid they're still talking about developing, to Aptera's credit, those listed in this entry aren't far off from what I remember, and neither are they far off from the all-electric 2e.

The Aptera, set to compete in the Automotive X-Prize, has evolved into one of the most innovative and daring future cars in the industry. It's one vehicle I do NOT want to see fail.


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