An Early Candidate for Title of “Most Useless Production EV”

Speed freaks know who Shelby SuperCars is; they make the SSC Ultimate Aero, the ‘World’s Fastest Production Car’. SSC just released the 2009 Ultimate Aero, having added some-much needed horsepower to the pokey vehicle, in hopes that it will reach new record speeds of 270 mph.

Personally I grew out of liking high performance cars like the Aero around age 11, when classmates stopped playing that game with the folded piece of paper that told your future, you know, you live in shack or a mansion, drive a Ferrari or a jalopy, I forget the other parameters.

But then I read a recent press release regarding their Ultimate Aero EV, a proposed production electric vehicle based on the Aero. Here are some of the ridiculous specs they’ve published:

  • Zero-to-60: 2.5 seconds
  • Top speed: 208 mph
  • Battery range: 200 miles
  • Battery recharge time: 10 minutes, either by onboard recharger or a 110V AC outlet

They say you’ll see a pre-production model in the 2nd quarter of 2009, and you can take delivery of your Ultimate Aero EV in the 4th quarter of 2009. Based on the sticker price of the 2008 Aero, which uses conventional gasoline and does not have a costly lithium-ion battery pack, for the EV you can expect to pay someone in the range of $500,000 to $700,000.

I don’t object to the Ultimate Aero EV because the economy is bad. When a car costs half a million dolllars, it may be fair to say that there is no good or bad time to roll it out. Your market is always very limited, but volume requirements are too.

I object to it because the technology is bullshit. When the pre-production model rolls out “next quarter” we’ll feature it. My guess? I think the battery recharge time will be the most dramatic change. In any event, the Aero EV is going to have to be so light-weight that I’m already anticipating its disintegration, not unlike a light hydroplane.

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