A Brief Survey of the Electric Motorcycle Market

Electric bikes are quickly becoming the future car of the moment; we're seeing more and more in the news every day. To that end, below are five 100% dedicated electric motorcycles (a term used loosely) either available, near-to-market, or proposed for a future market. I've excluded the Piaggio because it's a hybrid. All prices are listed according to MSRP—before any potential tax credit.

The ENERTIA BIKE made by Brammo.

Price: $11995
Range: 45 miles
Top speed: 50-55 mph

The E-BIKE made by Devon Motorworks.

Price: NA
Range: NA
Top speed: NA

The VECTRIX VX-1 made by Vectrix Electrics.

Price: $10495
Range: 35-55 miles
Top speed: 62 mph

The Mission One Limited Edition, made by Mission Motors.

Price: $68,995
Range: 150 miles
Top speed: 150 mph

Zero S
The ZERO S made by Zero Motorcycles.

Price: $9950
Range: 60 miles
Top speed: 70 mph

Xtreme Green
The X RIDER made by Xtreme Green.

Price: $7999
Range: Over 100 miles
Top speed: 65 mph

Zero S.jpg

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