To rescue the big three or let them drown?

To let the Big 3 go under sounds like cold justice to many people and perhaps feeds a certain feeling of revenge.

However, when our rational side takes over we must consider several factors:

1. There will be over 2 million jobs lost. That is a lot of unemployment that the tax-payers will have to pay. Don't forget that the government is strapped for cash now.

2. Then People will have to move to other states to find work and many won't have the fortitude to do it. Some will turn to crime, alcohol, and drugs to "deal with" the new situation of poverty and hopelessness. This will lead to a breakdown of the family structure and of society.

3. There are many separate industries that are dependent on car manufactures and they may also go under. For example: metal, rubber, plasic, and glass suppliers and they can be located throughout America.

4. These companies are already organized to make cars, so those production facilities could be turned to green car production. The bailout could be conditional on that.

5. If the government owns a share in the companies, then they have a big say. Of course bribery and other coersive methods will probably be applied so that "big business can get what big business wants".

6. On the negative side: If the Government owns big businesses, this could be a step towards socialism, which is Obama's unspoken platform.

What I am saying is that there is a lot to consider and the decision will have very substantial affects on peoples lives and the economy for decades. Therefore, think well my friends.

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