Future cars invest outrageously in design!

Design cannot be clearly defined, but we intuitively know what is "cool" and what is "uncool".

Design has been defined as 'a way of demonstrating how beautiful something can be in a very profound way. Design is a way of changing life and influencing the future' – Sir Ernest Hall Dean Clough.

Bob Hayes, professor emeritus at the Harvard Business School said: “Fifteen years ago, companies competed on price. Tomorrow, it’s design.” Well, tomorrow has arrived for the Auto industry. Industry leaders acknowledge that design is the number one factor in product success.

Look at it this way: there are over 5,000 different car models being manufactured and sold around the world at any one time. Each of these 5,000 cars will be remodeled approximately every 5 years. And for each new model about 5 design options will be considered. Imagine how much time and effort the automobile industry puts into car design. In fact, approximately 7 billion dollars a year are invested in automotive design.

The result is that design can often make or break product success and company profitability.

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