A Collapsing World: Energy Crisis, Financial Tsunami, and Dangerous Dictators

alternative energy collapse, future carsI didn't want to take this blog space to discuss the swirling events in our world. After all this is a blog about future cars. Yet in the end I decided to post a blog about world events: they are just too big to ignore. And of course there rests the question: At what point did they become too big to ignore?

For instance, people have known about Peak Oil for some time and yet ignored it. Almost everyone knows that the gasoline that powers their cars is derived from oil found under the ground located in despotic and repressive regimes responsible for destabilizing the world. And of course there is the financial tsunami, brought on by people's disregard of living beyond their means. I believe progress on future cars touches on these issues. Alternative energy is more than a cleaner environment it requires a different way of thinking.

A forward a vantage point where the self is less important than the whole picture and in that shift of focus the real individual can sprout. Of course society has chosen a different path. One of greed, selfishness, and war. Lets hope humanity can turn it around before it is too late.

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