Vehicle Safety Recorder

Keeping children safe has always been a parents biggest challenge. Allowing your children to drive the family car can therefore become a worrisome act. So what can you do to keep your driving teens safe? Well now you can simply have a Vehicle Recorder installed. This parenting eye from the sky has the ability to monitor your teens driving behaviours by using GPS and the Internet.

Vehicle Recorder

Parents who are concerned with their teens driving ability can check the data collected by the recorder to see if the teen failed to meet certain safety requirements. Like speed, seat belt and acceleration or hard brake use.

While beneficial for the parent the vehicle recorder is also great for the teens. For them the vehicle recorder acts like a mentor that warns the driver if they are failing to meet the basic safety requirements by sounding an audible alarm. If the conditions are not corrected the data is then sent for the parent to review.

While no long term study have been performed, short term programs by insurance companies have proven a sharp 60% decrease in speeding after the box was installed and a 10% decrease in hard braking.

Not a bad idea if used appropriately. Parents who wish to have one of these installed should first inquire with their insurance provider. If it is unavailable in your area simply follow the link below for more information.

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Vehicle Recorder

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