Two, Two, Two Cars in One!

I love the Rinspeed E2 concept car. Is not because it's cute, small and has round curves. It's because of the name and what's behind it.

The E2 name represents that the car has 2 power modes which means 2 gas mileage modes. Unbelievable. The 60 horse power "commuting" mode is more than enough for city use and gets about 58 mpg. Outside of the city, the "highway" mode gives 160 horse power and about 33 mpg. In highway mode it drives like a mama, with lots of power and fun.

And how do you switch from one mode to another? You just push a button to switch modes! It's a great idea.

So far, the Rinspeed cars have mainly been concept cars, but this car is such a great idea that I would expect some car company to snatch up the idea and get it into production. The car will be previewed at the Geneva motor Show.

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