The English Queen Goes Green, By Converting Her Bentleys To Biofuel

The Queen of England is environment conscious and is converting her 2 gas guzzlers to hybrids using biofuel. Her cars cost 10 million pound sterling each, which is about 14 million, six hundred thousand dollars per car. The cars were given to her Royal Highness as a gift by the Bentley Company, who maintains them to this day.

The new hybrid energy will improve fuel economy up to 40 percent. However the "flex fuel system" will enable the car to also run on regular gasoline, if necessary. Bentley executives said that it would be relatively easy to replace the engines.

Prince Charles, the next inline for the throne, has converted his Aston Martins to run on bio-ethanol made from surplus English wine. His other cars have been converted to run on old cooking fat.

And you know what, if it's good enough for the Queen of England, it's good enough for me.

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