The EV with Everything, even a Cloaking Device

Over a year ago, I featured an extraordinary vehicle here, the ZAP-X Crossover EV. The proposed specs were through the roof; 0-60 in under 5 seconds, a top speed of 155 mph, four electronic wheel hub motors, rating each wheel at 161 hp for a massive total 644 hp output, and a lithium ion battery with an astonishing range of 350 miles and just ten minutes to full recharge. Lotus Engineering had been brought aboard to help with the development, and you could reserve yours for something like $25,000.

I decided to see where things were with this wonder-car, so I went to their website … and found no evidence whatsoever of its existence, beyond mention in some site blogs over a year old. When I tried any of the links I had kept to the ZAP-X, I got the ol’ ‘access is denied’.

I went through ZAP’s published list of patents and trademarks, and while I found patents for, among other things, electric roller skates, I could find nothing that even hinted at the ZAP-X.

Are they keeping its development under wraps, ready to spring it on an unsuspecting world and blow the competition away?

Unlikely. But if so, that’s what Ford did with the Edsel. Look how that worked out.

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