Revolutionary "Adaptive" Headlight System Provides Optimal Road Lighting And Makes Driving Easier!

The new Mercedes E-Class Coupe sports the newest lighting technology. The headlights constantly adjust to the current traffic conditions. They react automatically to give the driver the best possible road illumination all the time. This task is taken care of by the "Adaptive Main Beam Assist" function.

A camera fitted on the inside of the windscreen enables the system to detect oncoming vehicles and vehicles in front of the car. The system automatically adjusts the headlights to prevent the other road users from being blinded. As a result, the range of the dipped-beam headlights can increase from the current norm of 65 yards to as much as 300 yards. If the road ahead is clear, the system performs a gradual transition to bright lights. As a country driver, this would save me the stress of having to constantly switch the "brights" on and off.

Adaptive Main Beam Assist is based on the bi-xenon headlights, which Mercedes-Benz offers in combination with LED daytime driving lights.

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