One-Offs - The One-Stop Shop For Electric (For Now)

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, sat down with Letterman this week and called the Tesler Roadster "the only car that would be considered a real car" to run on electric. The sentiment is that Tesla is blazing the trail for electric vehicles to follow. The dude also invented the email payment system that would pave the way for PayPal, so there's no doubt he's capable on prolific endeavors. So when will we see this day? Letterman harrumphs that the electric motor is not "new" by any means, but of course, we're waiting for the Lithium-ion battery to pan out for full-scale production. In the meantime, the only person driving electric is the person "In Topanga Canyon selling sprouts," as Letterman puts it.

So, until there exists the electric car that will "some day" satisfy all of the people all of the time, we have the one-off electric vehicle, sold somewhere in a nearby major city. Google it—most likely there is a small company making Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) that may not go fast or far, but are available now and with no hassle. The Electric Vehicle Company of Long Beach, California, proclaims: “We’ve done the research, you just get in and drive.” They offer many different types of Evs, from scooters to mini-haulers. Hey, for most of the things you do in your free time, it’s a start.


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