Mercedes-Benz and the Sherbet Fantasy

When I first saw Mercedes’ BlueZERO line of vehicles -- the lime green E-Cell, the mint green F-Cell, and the orange E-Cell Plus -- my first reaction was to want a bowl of Sherbet, it’s been way too long.

Then I noticed that the body design was the same for all three vehicles. We’ve all heard of options, but is that not the ultimate in options? Imagine:

You stroll into a dealership, and instead of pre-packaged cars, you choose among a small selection of body designs to go with your preferred drive train. “I’ll take the 2+2 luxury sports sedan … and gimme ah, let’s go with ah, I’ll take the V-flow fuel cell stack. What the hell, put some bike pedals in there too.”

Car makers and dealerships have been fooling us for years with their idea of ‘options’ (no joke, I swear I saw, on one of BYD’s models, an option for a cassette deck, but now I can’t find it), when the ultimate option would be to mix and match body design with drive train.

While that’s not exactly what Mercedes is proposing, it sure would be sweet if it were.

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