Lotus has been working on electric vehicles for over ten years. Lotus CEO Michael Kimberley recently said, "Don't be surprised to see an electric Lotus shortly." It might even show up as a concept car at the Geneva car show in March.

The electric Lotus will probably be a long range EV with a small battery and an internal combustion engine to increase the driving distance to 300-400 miles. Lotus will compete against the similar Fisker Karma. Given Lotus's limited resources it will likely use the new Evora as its donor platform for its vehicle layout. I would presume that the batterypack will be in the middle of the car with the engine behind it.

Lotus Engineering consults for many car makers around the world on various types of projects, thereby gaining a lot of knowledge and experience. Over the last two years, Lotus Engineering has done a lot of work with Telsa Motors and Chrysler. Lotus developed the Telsa Roadster's chassis based on its own Elise chassis. Lotus also constructed the Dodge EV. However, making its own electric vehicle would probably give the company a big financial advantage over Telsa

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