Incentives For Green Vehicles Likely (In Canada)

According to analysts in Canada, there is a large likelihood of incentives in order to buy "green" vehicles. In order to jump start the alternative fuels industry these incentives are necessary.

"By-and-large these cars, because of the battery technology, are more expensive. So there is a bit of a conflict in trying to get people to buy those kinds of cars without an incentive," says Dr. BarryPrentice from the University of Manitoba. "So my prediction is we'll see government coming along and offering incentives [to consumers] to buy those cars, which is really the next change that has to come about."

Hopefully the American gov't will follow their Northern neighbor's lead. I don't want to make any predictions, but an Obama administration seems to be heading in that direction. Let's hope I'm right.

Source: Winnipeg.ctv

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