Fututre Cars with Great New Features!

Today a few cars already have internet. In the future, all cars will have broadband. The car will be able to perform all of the communication functions that a personal computer can do. You will be able to receive 2 way wireless communications to download e-mail, movies, etc. Every passenger will have a flat-panel display and audio/video feed.

The car will broadcast developing problems and direct you to the closest dealer with the proper repair parts in stock.

Every car will have a navigation system linked to GPS satellites.

Laser, ultrasound, or radar sensors will track cars around your vehicle. On the highway, they'll slow down your car when the car ahead of you slows down. In the city, they'll help you park without banging into the car behind you. At rush hour, you'll receive alternate routes to circumvent traffic jams and accidents. Lane-marking emitters embedded in the roadway or in-car video cameras will enable the car to drive itself, although that's probably 30 to 40 years in the future.

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