Future Cars: Even More Features!

Driving Experience Dashboards will only have a few knobs and switches. You'll control the car through speaker-independent voice control: "Make it a little warmer," "Get me heavy metal music." The steering wheel could become paddles or a lever.

The controls will become lighter and more reliable. Electronic controls (throttle, brakes) will take the place of mechanical controls. Fiber optics and LEDs will take the place of electrical wires and light bulbs. Seats will be ventilated and air-conditioned. LCD elements will darken windows when the sun is bright. The car will bank when it turns, just like an airplane does right now.

Safety Cars will avoid some accidents through keeping safe following distances, controlling skids, and sensing sleepy or drunk drivers. If you cross over a divider lane without using your blinker (perhaps because you are sleepy), steering wheel feedback will provide a rumble strip effect to wake you up. Air bags will adapt to passenger weight, size, and position. If a passenger is sleeping on the side door, that air bag wouldn't trigger as violently.

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