BMW's Night Vision Assist

One of the hardest things to program on a computer is to see and explain what they are seeing. We take it for granted that we are able to identify objects easily, computer not so easy. Though if it were possible, if computers could be made to do the seeing for us, than they would also be able to do the driving for us as well.

BMW Night-Vision Assist

German auto makers at BMW believe that they are on their way to developing the technology. So far they are doing their best at perfecting the Night Vision Assist system, a system more practical for today’s consumer.

The system essentially calls for infra-red beams that are projected alongside the head lights. A small specialized camera mounted on the front picks up the images and causes certain objects the ability to glow in the dark. The driver can easily see this screen and slow down accordingly. The problem right now with this technology is that the driver is only given a 5 second warning of oncoming obstructions when travelling at 62 mph.

I have seen similar night vision systems on Cadillac's and other luxury sedans but the far superior infra-red system in patented by BMW.

If the technology takes off it could become a new way of driving, not only at night but in the daytime too. How great would it be to finally be able to relax at the wheel of your car knowing that it has the ability to do the driving for you.


BMW Night-Vision Assist

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