Aptera: To Boldy Go Where No Designer Has Gone Before!

The Aptera is a racy new car, designed to be aerodynamic, somewhat like a bird.

According to aerodynamic theory, the term drag defines air’s natural process of slowing things down. Drag depletes your vehicle's energy and lowers fuel economy.

To be more efficient, Aptera aims to lowers drag through a more aerodynamic design, much like a bird gliding through the wind.

Although mentioned in every article about fuel efficient transport, the Aptera's future is still uncertain.

However, the company is currently taking pre-orders. For $500 you can join the sign-up, with orders expected to be fulfilled in about another year. Prices will range from $30,000 for a plug-in hybrid to $27,000 for the all-electric model.

This car is also filled with great features. Standard features include a CD/MP3/DVD player, XM satellite radio, LED lighting (in and out), solar assisted climate control (with a panel on the roof), dual-side airbags, GPS and a rear-view camera.

The hybrid claims to get 300 miles from a gallon of gas, which allies those fears about driving range.

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