Amazing New Safety System In Mercedes E-Class Coupe

The new safety systems developed for the E-Class are based on accident research results and are simply wonderful. I want to get them for my car. They enable safer driving, protect occupants during accidents, and increase the safety of other road users.

These futuristic safety systems are based on highly sensitive sensors, cameras and radar systems. They turn this car into an "intelligent partner," able to see, feel and react to dangerous situations. If the danger is imminent the car can act independently.

Drowsiness is one of the most frequent causes of accidents on highways. Therefore Mercedes experts have developed the ATTENTION ASSIST system which is a standard feature of the new E-Class Coupe. While the car is driving, the system constantly monitors more than 70 different parameters in order to identify driver drowsiness and to provide a warning before the dangerous micro-sleep phase starts. A driver's steering behavior has proved to be a particularly strong indicator of drowsiness. Several years of research by Mercedes engineers have shown that drowsy drivers make minor steering mistakes which they often correct very quickly and in characteristic ways. This steering behavior is recognized by a special steering angle sensor. This would be a big help for me since I often drive when I am exhausted.

A standard feature of the E-Class Coupe is the PRE-SAFE®anticipatory occupant protection system. This is a Mercedes invention which has received awards but which is not offered by any other vehicle in this class. In an immediate danger situation the system activates protective measures for the driver and front passenger. This safety system enables the seat belts and airbags to provide their full protection on impact. The danger is detected through PRE-SAFE®uses of the sensors of the Brake Assist system and the Electronic Stability Program (ESP®). these two systems identify potentially critical handling situations.

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